"Excellence through Quality" is the Group's philosophy, while low cost and competitiveness in the domestic and export markets are a part of the Kalyani Group Strategy.

We strongly believe in providing total customer satisfaction through excellence in product & process development. Some of our very recent initiatives are aimed at achieving enhanced customer satisfaction and world-class quality standards.

In our journey towards excellence, we continue to meet the stringent requirements of global OEMs on a continuous basis. The world's biggest and most sophisticated OEMs and Tier I companies, depend on us for supply of critical components and products. This is a testimony to our technology and quality.

Quality Excellence is facilitated through customer partnering and involvement, concurrent product lifecycle design, advanced and streamlined manufacturing operations, and best-in-class customer services.

Almost all companies across the Kalyani Group have promptly obtained certification to the latest and most comprehensive ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards. This exemplifies our commitment to and achievement of World Class Excellence.



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