In today’s interconnected and interdependent world, where borders between states are becoming increasingly transparent, principles in business conduct are becoming criteria for building a good reputation in the international business community; they are the basis on which first impressions are formed and ongoing relationships maintained.

The Kalyani Group comprises of many leadership businesses. While ethics is deeply ingrained in our culture, strong commitments to integrity, fairness, quality, and excellence have long been the guiding principles.

The very purpose of Ethics and Business Conduct at the Kalyani Group is to communicate our values and standards of ethical business conduct to employees and to inform them of the company policies and procedures for doing business. :

Our strong business conduct program helps to keep our business well within legal requirements and also provides a working environment in which all employees can feel comfortable about our business standards.

This Code of Business Conduct is a statement of our policies and procedures that cover the way in which we expect our employees to carry out their work. The policy of the Company is to promote good practices, encourage operating in an ethical manner and ensure that the same standards are upheld wherever the group operates.



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