Bharat Forge had established the Financial Services division in the year 1990 to effectively deploy and leverage the financial resources of the company. The division performed extremely well and its assets grew rapidly. The Windmill Division was formed in late nineties to harness the wind energy for captive consumption of Bharat Forge and other group companies. The total capacity of this project is 18.33 MW. However, with a view to concentrate on the core activity of Forging and also for financial restructuring and better control over operational efficiencies, the Financial Services and Wind Mill Divisions were de merged by Bharat Forge into BF Utilities in the year 2001.

BF Utilities Ltd. (BFUL) was setup to satiate the power requirements of the Kalyani Group companies. Power, apart being a scarce commodity, is also a critical element in the Group's activities, which includes steel making, forging, machining etc.

In its endeavor to generate power to fulfill the requirements of the group and to lessen the burden on the Electricity Board, BFUL has also shown its commitment to conserve the environment by generating renewable energy through non-conventional resources. Though the concept of wind power is new in India, BFUL has developed the wind farm in phases since 1998, and has thus, in the process gained experience to further expand its power generation capacities.

The cost of power is a major input in the manufacturing process of the Group companies. Power generation through windmills is an attempt to negate the risk of rising power costs for the Kalyani Group.

The incentives offered by the government to wind power plants also has encouraged the company to foray into this sector.

BFUL has set up wind-assisted power plants at Thoseghar in Satara District of Maharashtra. The site has been declared as the best site in the state by MNES with an annual mean wind speed of 23.3 KMPH and annual mean wind power density of 287 W/m2 at 30 m. The windmills have been set-up in phases since June '98 and as of now, 51 machines of 230 KW capacity each and 11 machines of 600 KW capacity each have been set up. This would generate around 40.0 Million units annually. The total capacity of the power plants is 18.33 MW.

BFUL uses the state-of-art technology in their machines manufactured by Enercon India Ltd. with the support from its business partners, Enercon GmbH, Germany, which has presence in many countries. The unique concept of 'gearless' Generator has given our machines an edge over other technology turbines in India. With steady growth of adding projects, in stages Kalyani group has ensured that the projects are viable and also shall yield good generation year after year. With the right people to support & scrutinize the performance of the manufacturers, in the organization the group has been able to ensure the best micrositing, the science of locating the turbines and has the good promise of optimum generation. The machines are also under long-term contract for the turn-key operation and maintenance by the manufacturer itself so that there is continuous up-gradation with the support of Enercon, Germany and also use the right techniques and parts to carry out the upkeep of the long term investment machine.

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