Defence Electronics  

New Frontiers

The Kalyani Group has two facilities, one each in Pune and Hyderabad for its Defence Electronics profile.

The main product profile of the Pune facility includes Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) named ECARS. ECARS is a 4 & 6 wheeled multi-terrain vehicle (UGV) designed and developed by Kalyani group under I4RD program, as a part of its foray in the segment of internal security. With skid steer mechanism, ECARS is designed to perform surveillance, security, safety and rescue missions.

ECARS provides both Autonomous and manual operation. It's a multi-functional and multi-sensor platform, which enables capabilities of multi-mission and multi-tasking. ECARS 6x6 can also be operated as an amphibious vehicle. It has a speed of upto 20Kmph in manual drive and upto 8-10Kmph in autonomous missions with climbing capability of maximum 30 slope. ECARS 4x4 can carry a payload of 350 kgs & ECARS 6x6 can carry a payload of 400 kgs, hence vehicle can be used with systems like RCWS, water jet machines and transportation of heavy material across border/water channels. Easy to control, economical & low in maintenance, ECARS is considered the best solution for border surveillance, strategic asset perimeter security, riot control operations, fire-fighting or chemical spray and carrying payload requirements.


Dual Technology Mine Detector

Kalyani Group has supplied 1050 hi-tech DTMDs to Ministry of Defence.


Electronics Product offerings (ACIL)


Bharat Forge Infrastructure Ltd (BFIL)

BFIL is focused on co-innovating and manufacturing domain intensive and mission critical technology solutions for Defence Industry. BFIL is engaged with DRDO Labs, Armed Services and Homeland Security for design, development and manufacturing of ruggedized Electronics, Electro Mechanical and Electro Optical products for guided missile systems, land based vehicle systems and UAV systems.



Kalyani Group has acquired majority stake (2019) in Eternus Performance Materials Private Limited (ETERNUS), which is a pioneering Indian company to have developed capabilities of Designing and Manufacturing High Performance Advanced Composites. It specializes in the fields of Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Racing and Space Industry and also undertakes special projects in design, development, prototyping and manufacturing batch quantities.


AERON - Defence Electronics

In its quest to expand its defence capabilities, Kalyani Group has acquired minority stake (2019) in a young technology company engaged in development of innovative inertial measurement units and inertial navigation systems for aircrafts, armoured vehicles, drones in the Defense sector and safety sensors for heavy vehicles in Automotive sector and high quality Wireless Data Loggers & Gateways along with environment monitoring solutions for smart agriculture, solar power plants, smart cities and industries.


Inertial Sensors and Systems

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