Artillery Systems  
KSSL is a one stop solution for Artillery systems, offering comprehensive solution which includes processing of raw material (special grade ESR steel), cross disciplinary domain knowledge across verticals like metallurgy, material science, mathematical modeling, servo-electrical, hydraulics, electronics, etc, design & engineering capabilities, state of the art barrel manufacturing plant, fabrication facility, assembly, integration & testing.

Gun Manufacturing

We have two gun-making plants, acquired from RUAG, Switzerland (2012) and BAE, UK (2018) which manufacture complete barrels and ordnance for artillery systems and tanks like T-72, T-90 and ARJUN. Both these plants are located in Pune.


Gun Structure and Upper Carriage

The structural portions, including upper carriage parts like saddle & cradle and lower carriage parts like main weldment, trials & chassis are extremely complicated parts which need to be engineered to utmost accuracy and precision. This work is carried out at our plant at Satara.


Gun Undercarriage and Automotive

Our capability in automotive section of gun systems come from two of our group companies, Automotive Axles Ltd and Maxion Wheels, which are based out of Mysore and Pune respectively, and are market leaders in their respective fields.


Gun Integration

The Group has a large and modern integration facility at its plant at Baramati which is utilized for integration of Gun systems.


Barrel Manufacturing

A one of its kind in the India, this plant has the capability to manufacture ready to fit, machined barrels across variants. This infrastructure duly aided by our R&D, engineering, metallurgical knowledge with advanced metallurgical analysis and testing facilities provides cutting edge to our barrel manufacturing technology. We are only private Indian company to have indigenously developed and manufactured fully finished 155mm/52calibre barrels, which have been successfully proof tested. Some of the barrels successfully produced at our Pune Plant are as follows:

  • 155mm/52 caliber (ATAGS and Bharat-52)
  • 155mm/45 caliber (Bharat-45 and 130mm upgrade to 155/45 program)
  • 155mm/39 claiber (MArG)
  • T-72 Tank barrels
Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)  

ATAGS is an indigenously manufactured 155mm/52calibre best-in-class artillery system, jointly designed and developed with ARDE (DRDO).Kalyani Group has developed the Gun structure, Gun Control and Automation, Barrel and Breech and Battery Command Post in the ATAGS, thus realizing the total gun system. The futuristic and technically superior breech, with higher service pressure can withstand upto 560Mpa. During the firing trials at Pokhran Ranges, the ATAGS variant developed by Kalyani Group, set a new record by registering the longest ever distance of 48.074 kms, surpassing the maximum ranges of 35-40 kms fired by any artillery gun system in this category. The ordnance including barrel and breech mechanism, on both variants of ATAGS, has been developed at Kalyani Group Advanced Artillery Manufacturing Facility.

Mountain Artillery Gun (MArG)  

MArG is a 155mm/39 cal Ultra-Light Howitzer (ULH). It comes in two variants - MArG-S i.e. High Strength Steel and MArG-T i.e. Titanium. The steel variant weighs 6.8 tons and the titanium variant weighs 4.8 tons. This breakthrough has been achieved through innovative design and use of special lightweight materials for many sub-assemblies. A one of its kind gun system designed in the world, these guns provides high filed maneuverability. These niche guns have been explicitly designed to meet the growing requirements for flexible and accurate artillery fire support capable of rapid re-deployment by the battlefield helicopters, existing railway service or being towed by lightweight limber or utility vehicles. The salient features of MArG - both variants - include quick emplacement, digital fire control, high rate of fire, reliability and easy maintenance.

Garuda 105 (4 X 4 Go-Anywhere Gun)  

Garuda-105 is a 105mm/37 caliber gun is a light weight field gun and incorporates state-of-the-art soft recoil technology resulting in a lightweight, modular, high-performance howitzer that can be integrated with many types of combat transportation. The system has been extensively and successfully tested/fired in India and abroad. The gun is mounted on all-terrain vehicle with mountainous terrain maneuverability, which brings down the weight to only 5.5 tons, making it extremely low weight solution in its class. The gun can be adapted for fitment on any inservice light vehicle.

MGS 155mm 39 CAL (4 X 4 HMV)  

MGS is a 155mm/39 cal Mounted Gun System developed by Kalyani Group. MGS offers definite advantage in the mountains due to its shorter turning radius compared to a towed gun. Its 4x4 wheeled chassis enables all terrain maneuverability and provides high level of autonomy along with shoot and scoot capability.


Bharat-52, a long-range 155mm/52 caliber gun is the first indigenous solution of its kind that has been designed and developed in India. A futuristic towed gun, providing a highly maneuverable field artillery solution, it has been designed for accuracy, stability and reliability during moving and firing maneuvers, and is based on the requirement of the Global Army. The system has successfully completed its track and proof firing trials.


Bharat-45, a long-range 155mm/45 caliber gun is an battle proven weapon platform, designed for accuracy, stability and reliability during moving and firing maneuvers, and is based on the requirement of the Global Army with the best available solution in this class.

Mountain Artillery Gun ER (MArG) 155mm 52 CAL  

MArG ER 52 Extended Range is a 155mm/52 cal Ultra-Light Howitzer. With a superior firing range of 41 km, it combines the advantages of a 155mm/52 cal gun with that of an ULH. This indigenously designed and developed gun system weighs less than 8 ton and is transportable by existing railway or current tactical air transport. With ability to be deployed at high mountain areas, this is a much indeed equipment in any modern army's arsenal.

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