Artillery Systems

KSSL is a one stop solution for Artillery systems, offering comprehensive solution which includes processing of raw material (special grade ESR steel), cross disciplinary domain knowledge across verticals like metallurgy, material science, mathematical modeling, servo-electrical, hydraulics, electronics, etc, design & engineering capabilities, state of the art barrel manufacturing plant, fabrication facility, assembly, integration & testing.
Bharat 52  

Bharat 52 KSSL's state-of-the-art Bharat-52 is a long-range 155mm/52 caliber gun. It is the first indigenous solution of its kind designed and developed in India. Bharat-52 is a futuristic towed gun, providing a highly maneuverable field artillery solution. It has been designed for accuracy, stability and reliability during moving and firing maneuvers, and is based on the requirements of the Indian Army. Bharat-52 is capable of a range exceeding 40km and utilizes self-propelling capability and automatic laying mode. The Anti-backlash drive for elevation and traverse make it a truly unique system and a robust solution for superior battlefield operation. It is designed to operate as an all- weather system and has superior all-terrain mobility. Extremely easy to deploy, it takes a team of six crew members to deploy the system within one minute during day time and 1.5 minutes during night time. Bharat-52 in self-propelled mode is capable of achieving a mobility of 30kmph using its own diesel engine and electronic steering system.

Garuda 105  
Garuda 105 is ultra-light gun system which utilizes the high end Soft Recoil Technology. This allows the weapon (gun) to be placed on light vehicles and nonstandard platforms, including aircraft and coastal and river patrol watercraft. This high tech system which was developed and manufactured in a record time of 08 months is a force multiplier for the forward forces and will prove to be a complete game changer in the realm of weapon system.
BEAS is the upgunned 130mm M46 to 155mm/45 calibre gun which has been designed and developed by KSSL by combining our rich experience, expertise and R&D with proven track record of Elbit Systems. It is a state of the art indigenous solution which is highly efficient, easy to maintain and made as per the requirements of the Indian Army.

In order to expand its horizon and have an all-inclusive capability, KSSL has also tied up with the Israeli company, Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd and entered in to a joint venture with a 74: 26 stake holding to form BF Elbit Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd. This provides an insight to the defence capabilities that Elbit has and gives it access to the tested and proven technology of Elbit Systems.


BF Elbit Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd.
BF Elbit Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd is an Indian company with its registered office at Mundhwa, Pune Cantonment, Pune, India. BF Elbit Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 2nd August, 2012. BF Elbit Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd has been formed, inter alia, to undertake the business of development, assembly, production, manufacture, fabrication, modification, repair, service, sell and to deal in defence systems and particularly in Artillery Guns and Mortars systems of specified kinds, shapes, sizes, capacities, varieties and specifications to meet the requirements of Indian Ministry of Defence or its instrumentalities for defence, internal security, homeland security etc.


The vision of this company is to become a world class Artillery House offering niche and state of the art solutions across the complete spectrum.

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